Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's get caught up

OK. So I started posting Overheard Outside Traffic Court on my Facebook, just to commemorate the stuff I hear. Because it's funny. And sad. And on balance makes me smile. The human condition is a strange one. Every day I hear more bizarre things. Today I decided it might be worth blogging about.

Here's some of what's been on my Facebook page, just to catch you up:

"I ain't gonna deal with these people no more. We all got children to feed and F87k You and everyone here". ( This was on a walkie talkie, by, apparently, a member of the local constabulary).

"Hey, you got f87ked, I got f87ked, we all got f87ked. We just gotta get over it and nobody press charges here."

"Hey, some days you just gotta wait, and that's how it works, Man."

"Fees? Them f87king fees? YOU pay them f87king fees. I ain't paying no f87king fees!"

" I dunno what to tell you. You have to eat this one. Usually, you know artists have to cram their music down people's throats? It's like that."

Dialogue between two people: "I don't know why I got this red light ticket." / "Did you run the red light?" / "Well yeah.".


  1. I love the humor found in everyday life. When I received a ticket in the mail for making a left turn on the red light (I swear the yellow light was short!), I opened the envelope and saw a picture of me taken by the camera and I said, "YEP! That's me!!!"

    When I was waiting to see the judge, there was one fellow who was bragging to us about his system for getting out of tickets....don't think it worked for him that time!!

  2. Heck yeah! Keep it up! That sh*ts too good not to share!